The Third Anniversary of Hosowell

Dongguan Hoswell, the world’s premier provider of laptop battery, AC adapter and power bank, is pleased to announce the celebration of its third year in business.


This celebration marks yet another milestone in the growth of this family-oriented, customer-centric company from its origins as a small, out-of-home business to a respected leader in laptop battery & other battery products throughout the South of China region. Thus, plenty of celebrations parties were hold during this special day – 1st Aug such as basketball games, Chess games and other interesting activities to record this day.


Everybody worked tirelessly to grow the company, shifting the company’s sales model from small-scale to direct-to-consumer, a move that would come to define the company and contribute to its success.


In 2012, we are planning to take another major step towards expanding our products diversity and production capabilities with the acquisition of more automatic machines & management system.